Saturday, May 05, 2007

I asked it once here, but now the iMonk asks it again here:

Why can’t the Lutherans and [Episcopalians] get their act together? Imagine how many young evangelicals would seriously consider these churches if they would (in the ECUSA’s case) embrace orthodoxy or (in the LCMS case) embrace something that looked like a missional approach to new churches and evangelism? I know that real Christians will drive through sleet, hail and snow to find that little cadre of faithful Lutherans/Anglicans, but wouldn’t it be great if the zeal of the SBC for growth and evangelism could find its way to the churches that actually have some connection to the historic Christian faith.

He was responding to Pirate here:

I have this theory that a large plurality of evangelicals who become Roman Catholics think they’re becoming Lutherans. I mean, a lot of them think they’re getting a historic liturgy, ancient practice, and an evangelical understanding of grace with a sacramental package providing assurance. But what they’re really getting is crappy Marty Haugen rites, medieval novelty, and dogmatic doubt. I mean, you almost never see evangelicals swimming the Tiber because they’re really excited about being able to get indulgences, sacrificing Masses to get their grandmas out of purgatory, or doubting whether they’re in the state of grace.

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