Thursday, March 01, 2007

Two Really Good Posts About Growing Up Lutheran

I don't really have much to add to them, but these two posts, which I suppose most people in the "Confessional Lutheran blogosphere" all read long ago, tell important, melancholy, but happy-ending stories about growing up Lutheran. Both also are have great reflections on their experience too. Highly recommended.

Rebellious Pastor's wife's essay

Sean's essay

Let me just also say how bad and guilty I feel every time I go up to the altar rail with my children and my daughter (7th grade) is refused communion. That's right, refused communion. Why? Is she a heretic, a disbeliever in the Real Presence? No, she's 13 year old. If there are any pastors reading this, consider this, from George Herbert:

The time of every ones first receiving is not so much by yeers, as by understanding: particularly, the rule may be this: When any one can distinguish the Sacramentall from common bread, knowing the Institution, and the difference, hee ought to receive, of what age soever. Children and youths are usually deferred too long, under pretence of devotion to the Sacrament, but it is for want of Instruction; their understandings being ripe enough for ill things, and why not then for better? But Parents, and Masters should make hast in this, as to a great purchase for their children, and servants; which while they deferr, both sides suffer; the one in wanting many excitings of grace; the other, in being worse served and obeyed.

Well, being a Christian means forgiveness. So maybe it's good the church gives her something to forgive in later years.

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