Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Life As a Talking Head

Since it's come up, yes, I was a "talking head," or more accurately, "walking out of shape professor", for a show on Mongolia this summer, Josh Bernstein's "Digging for the Truth: Lost Empire of Genghis Khaan." You can see the trailer here and showtimes and series intro here.

Picture one is Josh Bernstein and the two camera men planning out a shot. The camera men were from Egypt -- Josh had worked with them on shows on the pharaohs so they came along.

Picture two is me being "wired" for our scene at the ruins of Qara-Qorum. (Actually the German excavators covered the site back up with debris on the off season, so there wasn't much to see.)

Picture three is me, the whole crew, and the Mongolian family who hosted us. The director was Peter Chinn (in the black "Crocodile Dundee" hat).

Good times, good times.

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