Thursday, June 22, 2006

Biblical Interpretation: Patristic, Reformation, and Modern

This post lists the major posts I have made on the topic of Biblical interpretation. This covers both the history of Biblical interpretation and my own views in general and on particular passages.

My basic perspective is that is the interpretation of a relatively small number of Biblical passages, not "world view" or "deep philosophical presuppositions," that is the most important factor governing theology. It is developed a bit here:

Putting It Down Where the Goats Can Get It
Nominalism Didn't Make Him Do It
Doubts About Josh Strodtbeck's Posts on Scripture

General Protestant theses on Scripture are defended here:

Does a Text, Any Text, Need an Authoritative Interpreter to Make Real the Moral Obligation to Interpret It Correctly?
The Church Did Not Create the Scriptures

Augustine on the Epistles of Paul

Who Is "The Man of Romans 7"? (continued here with reference to John Chrysostom)
More on Luther, Augustine, Jerome, and Paul's Epistles
Jerome and Augustine Again
Is Circumcision Sinful in Itself for a Christian?
Augustine on Predestination

Medieval Views of Scripture (according to McGrath) surveyed here

Luther on Genesis

Luther and Allegorical Interpretation
Luther and the "God of the Gaps"
Hard Teachings from Genesis
The Origin of Government
What It Means When God Changes His Mind

Various authors on 1 Corinthians 7 surveyed here and here