Friday, February 03, 2006

The Prayer Breakfast Officially Ecumenical

As Mollie Ziegler reports, non-denominational now means not really Christian.

Wouldn't it be nice, if a president was elected who would respectfully decline to attend this "National Prayer Breakfast" saying, that 1) he believed in God only because he believed in Jesus, and hence did not know how to pray to God except in the name of His Son, that 2) he personally found praying in public at a gathering only of the wealthy to be too close to what Jesus condemned in the Sermon on the Mount, and that 3) while his own moral beliefs were of course founded on his Christian confession, he valued the votes and opinions of his non-religious constituents equally as much as those of one or another faith and saw no reason to discuss public affairs with a crowd in which they and only they were unwelcome?

And how amusing that this Prayer Breakfast was organized by a man who thought the existing churches were useless because they were full of compromisers. (See also the comments of Andy Crouch in the comment box on Mollie Ziegler's article.)