Friday, August 12, 2005

Where Have All the Children Gone?

Read the article linked here and tell me, what missing from this picture? What might it be about the urban centers selected that makes them particularly hostile to children? What demographic force influential in the local politics of the cities mentioned might have created this interesting, fascinating, and quietly inhuman situation?

One of the things I love about being in Mongolia is the vast number of children. Sadly with the transition from Communism and the legalization of abortion, the birthrate in ten years (1990 to 2000) dropped from 4.5 per woman to 2.2.

The aim of marriage is first and foremost procreation. To reject God's blessing of being fruitful and multiplying is a sin, unless one has dedicated oneself to make spiritual children. Christ can forgive this sin, but how can those that reject the duty of procreation (through marriage and/or ministry) ever repent of what they don't know is a sin?

Communities, societies, and nations that drive out children deserve to wither. Communities, societies, and nations that feed parasite-like on the children bred elsewhere should be ashamed of themselves.

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