Friday, August 12, 2005

Some Tidbits

Since religion and politics are in the news, here's a few provocative opinion pieces that readers might be interested in:

A columnist at the Washington Post suddenly finds himself painted as one of "THEM". (Warning: free registration required).

Stanley Kurtz, who is not one of THEM, but feels sympathy for them as objects of public incitement, had two earlier columns (here and here) on the newly heated-up campaign against THEM.

And David Oderberg has finally cut through the apologetics and shown how John Paul II's teaching while laudably traditional in some respects is quite innovatory in others; as he provocatively says, President Bush teaches tradition more clearly than the late Pope did. (To which I will add, that an (R) after his name is a much better predictor of pro-life voting for one of our elected representatives than is the RC in religious affiliation).

Originally posted at Here We Stand