Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Don't Let the Chain of Life Stop With You.

Al Mohler has a great piece up exhorting Christians to accept that voluntary childlessness in marriage is a grave sin. Read here. Browsing in Borders, I came across Rodney Stark's history of the rise of Christian in the Roman empire. He's a great sociologist and historian of religion, a really fertile mind. And the point he stresses again and again in different ways is that "pro-life" is not part, or add-on, to Christian ethics but its the heart of Christian ethics.

You've heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? Here's my spiritual law:

"Life is the greatest gift of all which imposes on us the duty of gratitude and obedience to those who have created and given birth to us. This gratitude and obedience is first expressed in the desire to pass that gift on to others." In other words: "Don't let the chain of life stop with you."

This goes for physical life, baptismal life, intellectual life, for every form of life. None of them started with us, none of them should end with us.

(Thanks to Jeremy for telling me about the column.)