Monday, June 05, 2006

It’s Nice to Be Right, But . . .

What was I saying about it being for all intents and purposes impossible to immigrate to the USA legally? (See points 4-6 here.)

Well I was following a link here and a link there and came to this post on Musings of an English Muffin (a quite nice blog, incidentally, in a Reformed sort of way). In between being generally happy being English, but also discussing emigrating to Australia or Canada (to which one can get a migrant visa), she considers the US and then pulls up short:

Anyway, mindless ramblings aside, this is all a pipedream. Emigrating to the US is about as difficult as me learning brain surgery, and just as likely. We couldn't do it on a family visa, and the green card lottery isn't taking applications from the UK. Apparently if we invest in an American business to the tune of $150,000, we could get a fancy Visa and leave to remain in the US, but that's a hefty amount of cash besides the other costs of the enterprise.

Why can't we see a public discussion of immigration in the USA, that starts off with the basic fact: it is currently illegal to move to the United States if you want to share in the American dream and have a better life for you and your family?

I still don't know where we want it go from there, but let's start at the truth.

It's nice to be right -- but in this case I wish I wasn't -- or if I was, I wish I could say it was that way because someone wanted it that way.