Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Othercott" the Da Vinci Code

Barbara Nicolosi talks about the Da Vinci Code here.

An ELCA blogger talks about it here (based on an interview with the Emergent guru Brian McLaren.)

I know which one I was agreeing with heartily as I read it -- and it's not the ELCA blogger.

Read Barbara Nicolosi -- and "othercott" the Da Vinci Code now.

OK I'd better stop this post real soon or I'm going to start ranting . . . .

I can't help it! Let's just say this: the world thinks Christians are STOOPID. I disagree, but I have to say, the evidence is against us when you see Christians being so clueless as to jump into this rigged game of "dialogue."

Well, gotta go. You see, I've never played pool before, but this real pro guy, well I played him once and can you believe it? I beat him. So we're going to play again, and I've just put $100 bucks on it, and he's put a $1,000. Well, this is going to be one fun game . . . Bye, now!